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Hyaluronic Acid Oligosaccharide

Oligomeric HA, also called hyaluronan oligosaccharide or hyaluronan-oligo, is a kind of small molecule hyaluronic acid with very low degree of polymerization and molecular weight of less than 10,000 Da, that is, less than 50 monosaccharides, or the degree of polymerization less than 25.
INCI Name                       : Hyaluronic Acid
Synonyms                          : Hyaluronan Oligo; HA-oligo; O-HA; Oligomeric HA
CAS No.                               : 9004-61-9
EINESC/ELINCS No.    : 232-678-0
Molecular Formula       : (C14H21NO11)n  ( n<25)
Molecular Weight          : <10,000da

Hyaluronic Acid Oligosaccharide ( n<25)< p="">


     Appearance                           : White or almost white powder or granules
    Glucuronic acid, %                : ≥44.0%
    Hyaluronic acid,%                : ≥91.0%(Glucuronic acid content×2.0675)
    Transparency                         : ≥99.0% 
    pH                                             : 3.0-5.0  (acid form)  
    Loss on drying                        : ≤10.0% 
    Protein                                     : ≤0.1% 
                          Bacteria Counts  : <10CFU/g 
                                Mold &Yeast  : <10CFU/g 
         Pseudomonas aeruginosa  : Negative 
               Staphylococcus aureus : Negative 

 Packaging and Storage   
                 Packaging       : 100g in bottle, 1kg aluminum foil bag lined a PE bag
                     Storage        : Dark, , cool, dry place
    Shelf Life:                    : 2 years at 25°C; 5 years at 4°C


Our Advantages
Our Advantages
1.  Use a proprietary process so that monosaccharides in the structure of hyaluronic acid will not break down.
2.  Measure the molecular weight of HA-oligo accurately using SEC-MALLS (size exclusion chromatography coupled with
      multi-angle laser light scatting)


1.  Rapid penetration into skin


The penetration rate of HA-oligo is about 3 times that of low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid ( 0.01~0.5×106 Da)


2.  Maintain skin moisture to a deeper layer



        Hyaluronic acid oligosaccharide rapidly penetrates into corneum to maintain skin’s moisture in a deep layer.

3.  Increase hyaluronic acid content in skin
     Since it can penetrate into skin, it will raise HA content in skin, activate skin, anti-aging and comprehensive moisturing.
4.  Good tolerance to heat as compared to medium and high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.
5.  Easily disperse and dissolve in water with low viscosity.


Use Level
0.05%-0.6% in cosmetics





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