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Glabridin - 40 & -90

INCI Name           :  Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) root extract
Plant Name          :  Glycyrrhiza glabra
Common name   :  Licorice
Synonyms           :  Glycyrrhiza Extract; Glycyrrhiza Flavonoids; Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract; Kanzou Ekisu ( JPN);
                                 Kanzou Furabonoido ( JPN); Licorice Flavones-40; Licorice extract

Family                 :  Fabaceae
Part used            :  Roots
Composition     :  >40% glabridin;  >90% glabridin

CAS No.               :  59870-68-7; 84775-66-6; 97676-23-8   C20H22O4  326.40 

EINECS              : 283-895-2   



1.  Tyrosinase Inhibitor: The inhibitory effect on the activity of tyrosinase is stronger than that of Arbutin, Kojic acid,
     vitamin C and hydroquinone. It can further inhibit the activity of tyrosinase retative protein ( TRP-2)-dopachrome
     tautomerase. It possesses a quick and highly effective whitening function.

2.  Scavenger of oxygen free radical: It has SOD-like activity to dispel oxygen free radical
3.  Anti-oxidant: It has an approximate resistant force to activated oxygen as Vitamin E.
4.  Anti-inflammatory
5.  Anti-microbial
       Reduction of melanin synthesis
                    Skin-tone lightening
                    Reduction of age-spots
       Soothing agent
       Prevention of oxidative damage



Glabridin (HPLC)      40%                                                                               90%
Appearance                Yellow-brown or reddish-brown powder               Almost white powder
Solubility                    Dissolve in 1,3-butylene glycol to get a clear solution


USE LEVEL: Recommendatory volume of usage: 0.05~0.1%



 Fig 1.  Effect of Glabridin-40 on Melanin content in B16 melanocyte





Fig 2.  Effect of Glabridin-40 on Melanin content in human melanocyte




 Fig 3.  The rapid lightening effect of Glabridin on inhibiting the main enzyme
             melanogenesis, such as the activity of tyrosinase, the activity of TRP-2



                            Blank X200sqm

                      Glabridin-40 2ppm

                           Glabridin-40 5ppm

                    Glabridin-40 10ppm

                         Glabridin-90 2ppm

                      Glabridin-90 5ppm

Fig 4.  The quantity of melanocyte on the comparative electrical-lens photos on Glabridin-90 and Glabridin-40 to B16 cells








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