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Technology Innovation Award Announced

The Technology Innovation award of the first half year was announced last Thursday, and it went to Lisa Li for her originality in Erythrulose fermentation technology.

M.C.Biotec is deeply aware that talents and technology are related to the survival and development of the company. The Technology Innovation award is created to fully mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, stimulate technological progress, continually maintain and enhance competitive advantage in the market.

Technology Innovation Award is selected once semiannually, and there is an annual award at the end of each year. The evaluation criteria involve innovativeness as well as expected economic and social benefits.

Lisa Li has a highly original mind. She first graduated from a vocational secondary school, and after several years’ self-study during her work she entered the famous pharmaceutical university to study Pharmaceutical Preparation, then she completed, in succession, graduate and doctoral studies in molecular biology. Prior to erythrulose project, she has successfully completed the development of EGF (epidermal growth factor) and miglitol intermediate via biotechnological methods. She was also the owner of annual award of technology innovation last year.

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