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GMP Training in Hot Summer Days

July and August are the most hot of the whole year, which are not suitable for the production of biotechnology oriented products. M.C.Biotec takes advantage of these periods to develop GMP training.

GMP is a mandatory requirement for the production of human drugs as well as its active raw materials, and is the most stern regulations for production and control. It’s purpose is to guard against production or quality accidents, decrease quality risk to the minimum.  

The lecturers have more than ten years of experience in GMP practices in pharmaceutical companies, the lecture contents include in-process control, quality control, batch records control, standard operation procedures (SOP), etc.

Each student will receive the examination after training, and those who fail the examination will accept the next round of training until approved, or they will have no chance to come back to its original posts.


The training courses will end late August.


M.C.Biotec issued

June 25, 2010

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