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Polyglutamic Acid

INCI Name : Polyglutamic Acid
Synonyms : Gamma-polyglutamic acid; γ-Polyglutamic Acid; Polyglutamic Acid; PGA; γ-PGA;

                        Natto Gum;Plant collagen; collagene vegetable, phyto collage.
中文名称                     : 聚谷氨酸; 多聚谷氨酸;聚麸胺酸; 聚肤氨酸; 纳豆胶
日文名称                    : ポリグルタミン酸
韩文名称                    : 폴리글루타믹애씨드
CAS No.                      : 25513-46-6
Molecular Formular : (C5H9NO4)x

Appearance                                   :White to off white granular or powder 
Assay (HPLC)                               : ≥92%
Loss on drying (105°C,2h)         : ≤ 8%
pH(10g/L, 25°C)                          :5.0—7.5
Transmittance (5g/L, 400nm)  :≥95
Heavy metals (Pb,ppm )             : ≤10
Total aerobes counts(CFU/g)    : ≤100
Molecular weight                         :range from about 10,000 up to 2 millions


1.  Remarkably potent hydrating compound, ten times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid and far more elastic than    collagen. Long-lasting moisturizing that helps the skin resist dryness.
2.  Improvement of skin elasticity and smoothness
3.  Inhibition of melanin
4.  Maintenance of a healthy pH
5.  Slow-release transport system that enables the skin to absorb all nutrients

Used in products for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturizing, sunscreen, detoxification and other products.

Use Level   0.05-1.00%



γ-PGA hydrogel
γ-PGA can be made into hydrogels, which show an outstanding water absorption up to approximately 5000 times of its weight, is excellent for agricultural and environmental applications.



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