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Lactobionic Acid

INCI Name : Lactobionic Acid
Synonyms : 4-O-beta-D-Galactopyranosyl-D-gluconic acid
中文名称 :  乳糖酸
日文名 :  ラクトビオン酸
한글 이름 :  락토바이오닉애씨드
CAS No. : 96-82-2
EINESC/ELINCS No. : 202-538-3
Molecular Formula : C12H22NO12


Lactobionic Acid


Appearance :  White to almost white crystalline powder.
                          Soluble in tetrahydrofuran, hot ethanol
Clarity :   Clear
Specific optical rotation :  +23°--+29°
Water content  : ≤5.0%
Total Ash :  ≤0.1%
pH :  1.0-3.0
Calcium :  ≤500ppm
Chloride :  ≤500ppm
Sulfate :  ≤500ppm
Iron :  ≤100ppm
Reducing sugars :  ≤0.2%
Heavy metals : ≤10ppm
Assay :  98.0%-102.0%
Total Bacteria Count :  100CFU/g Max
Endotoxin Level  : 10 EU/g
Salmonella :  Negative
E.Coli  : Negative
Pseudomonas aeruginosa :  Negative


1. Prevent and reverse the apearance of photoaging,including lines and wrikles, unvenen pigmentation, enlarged pores,and roughness;
2. More effective, safer and better tolerated than glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acids) to exfoliate and help smooth the skin;
3. The safety and efficacy can be further increased by using natural alkyopolyglucoside-based vehicle instead of polyethylene glycol emulsifier (PEG)
4. Antioxidant:Scavenges free radicals and inhibits lipid peroxidation.
5. Skin lightening:Suppresses melanin production in cultured mouse melanocytes in the presence of an analog of a melanocyte stimulating hormone.6% lactobionic acid in a alkylpolyglucoside-based emulsion led to a marked decrease in the melanin index after being applied to skin sites on the forearm for only 2 weeks.
6.  Increased skin hydration: has strong water-binding properties and has demonstrated the ability to increase the production of glycosaminoglycans in the skin.
7. Enhanced barrier function:Increases the integrity and cohesion of the stratum corneum and accelerates barrier recovery.
8.  Increased skin thickness:8% lactobionic acid increased skin thickness of the forearm by an average of 6.9% after 12 weeks, compared to a 1.9% increase in untreated forearms.


Skin care products such as creams, emulsions, gels 


Use Level  : 1 - 10%




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